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Logos for Licensed Merchandise

When the 1867 version of the I Mark is placed on merchandise, it must appear with the registered trademark symbol ® and be produced by a licensed manufacturer. The same is true of the standard version of the I Mark, only the trademark symbol ™ must appear.

Read more about the trademark and licensing guidelines.

NOTE: An InDesign library containing all of the logos may be downloaded from the special logo downloads page.

Reversed Logos

View a page showing how to correctly reverse the logos and how to render them on dark backgrounds, as well as links to download all the logos correctly reversed.

How to Download and Expand Files

  1. Click on the magnify link to see a larger version of the logo. Click on the download link to download a compressed file (.zip) to your hard drive; do not right-click on the logo images and save them.
  2. Expand the .zip file; inside is a folder containing images for use on PCs and Macs as well as a "readme" text file with instructions.

I Mark

1867 I Mark

Illinois Logo

1867 Illinois Logo

Urbana-Champaign Logo

1867 Urbana-Champaign Logo