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Sesquicentennial Branding Materials


Sesquicentennial (150) Style Guide

Download the Style Guide for the university's 150th birthday celebration.

The Style Guide includes information about:

  • the strategy for communicating about the Sesquicentennial
  • the target audiences
  • primary and secondary messages of the event
  • using the Sesquicentennial logos
  • the color palette
  • the tagline
  • examples of use on print publications
  • vexilla (banners)
  • digital signs
  • merchandise

Sesquicentennial Logos

Download a .zip file with all the Sesquicentennial logos, including:

  • primary logos with and without a box, including color and black and white versions
  • alternate logos with and without a box, including color and black and white versions

Sesquicentennial Web Banner

Download a .zip file of two responsive banner options you can apply to your website.

Social Media

Digital Signs

Digital sign materials are available for download.


Download a Word template with a Sesquicentennial logo and boilerplate. The boilerplate reads: Founded in 1867 as a land grant institution, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is celebrating 150 years of transformative experiences and heralding an ambitious vision for the future through learning, discovery and public engagement. More information on our sesquicentennial milestones and festivities is available at

Email Signature Image

Download an image that may be used to create a signature in Outlook. You should include a return space between any text and the logo to make a buffer zone.

Tagline Image

Download an image of the tagline for the Sesquicentennial. It may not be used as a substitute for the Sesquicentennial logos, but may be used in additioni to them.

Posters, Webtools Email+ Art and a PowerPoint Template

Materials for creating posters, email signatures, Webtools headers and a PowerPoint template are also available for download.