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Coursera Resources

While course materials are not required for follow the identity standards, Coursera content creators are encouraged to use the following resources. The potential outreach opportunity created by the large number of participants in Coursera and its global reach makes it advantageous to associate the excellence of individual departments with the overall excellence of the university.

As these materials already meet the identity standards, faculty and staff are free to focus on pedagogy. Students may use the templated materials to create video, research posters, and PowerPoint presentation for their class assignments.

Video Resources

Campus intros and outros (bumpers), I Mark "bugs," (on-screen graphics overlaid a as a watermark-like image), campus logos specifically developed to render well in online video, and nameplates may be previewed and downloaded from the Video Resources page.

Research Poster Templates

Students assigned to create a research poster as part of their class work are free to use the research poster templates, available in PowerPoint and InDesign formats.

PowerPoint Templates

New PowerPoint templates are available on the Public Affairs website.

The First Ten Minutes

Students who are unfamiliar with the campus may benefit from viewing an engaging introduction via PowerPoint to the campus featuring pictures and text that any speaker can use. Read more information. Download the zip file.

iTunes U

Course icon templates and collection icons are available for faculty using iTunes U. New templates are being developed by Creative Services in cooperation with CITES Academic Technology Services for the next iteration of iTunes U and will be released this fall.

Social Media Resources


Faculty using Twitter for their courses and students using Twitter to communicate and coordinate with study group members may use these Photoshop templates for Twitter backgrounds.