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Vexilla Resources and Guidelines

This page contains information about vexilla, the banners that appear on light poles across campus, a PDF of the Vexilla Resources & Guidelines and downloadable InDesign templates.

Policy, Request Form, and Map of Light Poles

The Facilities & Services Planning Division approves vexilla for use according to policy posted in the Campus Administrative Manual.

Graphic Standards and Unit Naming Conventions

To meet the graphic standards, vexilla must use one of the InDesign templates presented below and follow the campus unit naming conventions as described in the Vexilla Resources & Guidelines PDF.

InDesign Templates

There are two different InDesign templates (blue and orange) for each of the three sizes used for vexilla. There also are InDesign templates for all footer information.

Download the Templates


18w”x 36”h—Pedestrian light poles 16’ and up to 23’ tall.

Orange InDesign template | Blue InDesign template | Footer template


30w”x 60”h—Intermediate street light poles—greater than 23’ and up to 30’ tall.

Orange InDesign template | Blue InDesign Template | Footer template


22w” x 72”h—Tall street light poles—30’ tall and over.

Orange InDesign template | Blue InDesign template | Footer template