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Business Cards

PLease continue to use the Column I business cards until the Block I business cards are released.

This page contains information about ordering faculty/staff business cards, student networking and job search cards, dual appointments, QR Codes, cards for volunteers, the standardized appearance of the cards, and guidelines for contact information, dual appointments and translations.

Ordering Information

Faculty and staff may order business cards online through Document Services' Web page.

Students employed by the campus are considered staff and may order cards that list only their official job title and campus unit contact information. Please contact the appropriate human resources staff in your department/campus unit.

Business card
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Guidelines for Business Cards

Standardized Appearance for All Cards

The Illinois wordmark appears in the top center of the business card. The one-color logo appears under it to the left. An individual's name appears in bold type under the Illinois wordmark, followed by that person's title in smaller type below. The college, school, department, or campus unit name and all contact information appear below this.

Campus unit logos, additional text such as taglines, and other illustrations are not permitted.

Contact Information

Only campus unit information such as mail, email, and Web addresses may appear on business cards, with the exception of telephone numbers. Campus office telephone number(s) must appear first, although cellular phone, pager, or home telephone numbers may appear as secondary contact numbers.

Campus Unit Cards

Campus units may order business cards for the unit. The name of the campus unit appears in the name field instead of an individual's name.

Information on the Reverse Side

The reverse side of business cards may be used only by faculty and staff with dual appointments or with job titles with other campus units or for foreign language translations of the information on the front of the card.

For dual appointments or job titles, the layout and typography of the back of the business card are identical to the existing template for the front of the card. Text on either side should be modified to indicate specialization or affiliation with another campus unit. The reverse side has room for two job titles; individuals with four or more job titles should use a Quick Response (QR) Code and personal URL as described below to link to their entry in the online Illinois Directory.

QR Code and Personal URL

All faculty and staff may also have a QR Code, pictured at right, that links QR Code exampleto the URL of their individual listing in the online Illinois Directory, as well as the text of their personal short URL which will appear underneath the QR Code. A personal short URL has been autogenerated for all faculty, staff and students based on your NetID. Example:

Individual listings in the Illinois Directory may be customized to include more extensive information, including other duties, vita, research interests, social media feeds, scholarly publications, honors and awards, etc. View an example.

Free QR Code generators are available online. Read more information on how to edit individual entries in the Illinois Directory.

Titles of Academic Degrees

The following abbreviations for common degrees are used: B.A., bachelor of arts; B.S., bachelor of science; M.A., master of arts; M.S., master of science; and Ph.D., philosophiae doctor (doctor of philosophy). However, those ordering cards may choose to strike the periods: BA, BS, MA, PhD.

Consortia and External Partners

Consortia and external partners should use their own logo and design for their stationery, which includes letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. Consortia and external partners may order business cards online via the Document Services Web page. The logos of partners, including the university, should not appear on the cards.

Read more information about how the campus manages partnerships.

Student Business Cards

Student Networking Card

Campus units may purchase a networking card for students that are representing their department, college, school, or institute at a conference or poster presentation, or at other outreach and public engagement events and activities.

With the exception of telephone numbers, only campus unit contact information such as college, department, degree sought, year of anticipated graduation, department mail address, and campus email address may appear on the card.

Campus units may order business cards online via Document Services' Web page.

Student Networking Card

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Student Job Search Card

Students who wish to purchase an officially branded card for their personal job search may order them online from Document Services. Students should use their personal contact information (home address, phone, website, email, [may be either their Illinois email address or a third-party provider], etc.). The cards are provided at cost; students must use their own funds to purchase the cards.

Student Job Search Card

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How to Indicate the Expected Degree on the Printing Department's Online Order Form

  • Leave the field under the "Degree Designation (optional)" heading blank.
  • In the field under the Title(s)/Classification (required for faculty and staff)" heading, enter the name of the degree and the year you expect to graduate. Example: Jane Smith, Journalism, M.S., 2012. It's also acceptable to enter less-specific information such as "Master's Degree Candidate" or to omit the year if it is uncertain when the degree will be granted to allow longer use of the cards. There is space to list two degrees on the cards.

Volunteer Cards

Campus units may order business cards for those volunteering their time to the campus. The card must include the name of the department, college or campus unit the volunteer is serving and should use the volunteer's personal contact information (home address, phone, email).

Volunteer business card


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Order Business Cards

Order business cards online from DOCUMENT SERVICES

Please note that all business cards will continue to use the Column I until new materials featuring the Block I are released.