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Letterhead Standards

Please see the new brand guidelines for letterhead.

This page contains guidelines for printed and digital letterhead and resources for campus communicators.

Printed Letterhead

Letterhead may be ordered online via Document Services or in person at 100 Printing Building, 54 East Gregory, Champaign, 61820, 333-9350. Please note that because letterhead requires a special run at a paper mill, the Printing Department is the only source for watermark bond for letterhead.


The college, school, department, or unit name and address appear on the left side of the letterhead, parallel to the I Mark, in bold. A primary and a secondary unit name separated by a return may be used, but only the primary name is bolded. The primary name is typically the department, with the secondary name being the college.

The university wordmark appears in the top center of the letterhead over the one-color I Mark.

All other contact information, including phone, fax, and Web address, appear at the bottom center of the page.

All other logos or illustrations are not permitted.

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Names and titles

The use of letterhead is restricted to campus units. An individual's name and title cannot be printed on letterhead unless he or she is a University Scholar or a professor holding a named chair. In the latter instance, the professor may use his or her name as well as the name of the endowed chair.

Standardized Word Template to Print on Official Watermarked Bond

Download the template ( file and open it in Word. Click "Save As" and save the file to the "My Templates" folder in Word.

To use it in Word, click on "file," in the pull-down menu, select "Project Gallery," then "My Templates" and click on the "" file. Type the body copy of the letter and save it as a .doc or .dotx. Load your printer with the official letterhead printed on watermarked bond for your campus unit previously obtained from Document Services and print.

Download the standardized Word template.

Digital Letterhead

Creative Services will continue to produce digital letterhead with the Column I logo until new letterhead with the Block I logo is released.

Digital letterhead is subject to the same standards as printed letterhead in that it may not differ in in design or content from the standard format. Unit logos and other illustrations are not permitted. Digital letterhead may only be ordered for campus units, University Scholars or professors holding a named chair.

Digital letterhead may not be used to circumvent the Campus Administrative Manual's requirements for printed stationery. All printed correspondence via letterhead viewed by external audiences must use the official watermarked bond available from Document Services. The watermark of the university seal in the bond paper of the printed letterhead certifies to the recipient that the document is an official university communication, a requirement for some grants and in some legal issues.

Campus units may obtain a custom Word template with their unit name, address, telephone number, fax number, and Web site address by filling out an online form. There is no charge; allow five business days for delivery.

The template may be used only for email, internal campus communications and faxed correspondence. The template is available now in color; it previously was only available in black. The I Mark and text at the top and bottom of the page are set in Word as headers and footers, and will appear grayed out. After the body of the message is set, users should save the file as a PDF before distributing it. The header and the footer will render correctly in the PDF version of the letterhead.

NOTICE: Digital letterhead with the new Block I logo will not be available until after Dec. 1, 2017. As of Jan. 19, it is expected to arrive in a few weeks. Creative Services has suspended the production of the old "Column I" digital letterhead in the interim. 

To receive up-to-date information on rollout dates for these and other materials using the Block I, please visit and subscribe to email updates from the FAQ blog.

Additionally, submissions will not be stored and any requests will need to be resubmitted once the materials are available.