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Stationery Materials

Please continue to use these guidelines as the university returns to the use of the athletic logo.

All colleges, schools, departments, and other units on all three campuses show affiliation with the university through the consistent use of stationery materials. Stationery materials include letterheads, second sheets, half-sheets, envelopes, memo pads, business cards, and mailing labels.

These materials may be ordered online through Document Services Web page or in person at 100 Printing Building, 54 East Gregory, Champaign, 61820, 333-9350. Please note that because letterhead and envelopes require a special run at a paper mill, Document Services is the only source for watermark bond for letterhead and envelopes.

Before ordering printed materials, please review the specifications for the design, printing, and use of standardized stationery, including letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.

Campus Requirements

These standards apply to all stationery materials charged to university funds, including state, institutional, auxiliary enterprise, self-supporting, contract, grant or gift, or personal. The standards apply to all campus units regardless of the source of funds used to pay for materials and regardless of the vendor.

View the Campus Administrative Manual Web page about these requirements.

Document Services will not supply stationery or business cards differing in design or content from the standard format. Ink, paper, the campus logo, typefaces, etc. will be standard on all materials. Unit logos and other illustrations are not permitted.

Units will not be reimbursed for direct expenditures made through personal funds, petty cash, etc., for costs incurred to create materials that do not meet campus standards.

These standards are all-inclusive for the Urbana-Champaign campus. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Creative Services.

Off-campus Sources

Before having any stationery materials printed by off-campus sources, units must obtain a purchase order number from the Purchasing Division (if the Purchasing Division is to issue the order) and written confirmation from the Director of Creative Services that the proposed materials conform to these specifications.

This approval must be attached to the requisition or to the front of the blue copy of the departmental purchase order. Commercial printers will not be paid by the university for materials deviating from these standards.