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Allied and Affiliated Agency Guidelines

Please continue to use these guidelines as the university returns to the use of the athletic logo.

While these organizations are encouraged to identify their connections with the university, they need not comply with the Illinois Identity Standards:

  • Alumni Association
  • American Oil Chemists Society
  • Association for Women in Science
  • Basic Medial Science - Cooperating Physicians
  • Cooperating Teacher-Principals-and Administrators
  • Department of Transportation
  • Developmental Services Center
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Labor and Employment Relations Association
  • Levis Faculty Center Sponsors, Inc.
  • Lincoln Trail Library System
  • Motorola Personal Communications Sector
  • National Animal Poison Control Center
  • National Association for the Advisors of Health Professions
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • Natural Resources Conservation Services-US
  • Prairieland Energy Incorporated
  • Recreation Field Work Program-Cooperating Agency Supervisors
  • Regional Soybean Laboratory, United States
  • ROTC-Army-Navy-Air Force personnel on campus
  • Social Work Field Instructors
  • Specialized Care for Children
  • State Universities Annunitant's Association, UC Chapter
  • State Univerisities Retirement System
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • United States Regional Soybean Laboratory
  • University Civil Services System
  • University of Illinois Employees Credit Union
  • University of Illinois Foundation
  • U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Champaign Office
  • Vocational Rehabilitation-State Division of
  • Women's Club of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign