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Please use the new guidelines at

University of Illinois System Standards

University of Illinois Extension

University of Illinois Extension, as a sub-brand of the Champaign-Urbana campus, has its own graphic standards manual. Those with questions or who seek to download resources should visit this Web site (only available from on-campus and Extension networks).

The use of the 4-H logo is protected by federal law. Guidelines for its use are available both on the Extension Web site above or at the National 4-H Headquarters Web site.

University of Illinois System

The latest standards are posted on the System's website.
Those with questions about appropriate University of Illinois System guidelines should contact the Office for University Relations at 333-6400.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Those with questions about the identity standards for the University of Illinois at Chicago should view the standards Web site.

University of Illinois at Springfield

View the style guidelines, which include a writing style guide and information about the correct presentation of the Springfield campus logo and links to download files for print and Web.

University Seal

The use of the university seal is limited to the

  • University of Illinois president
  • University of Illinois Board of Trustees

If you would like more information or permission to use the seal, contact the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and of the University at 333-1920.