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Brand Rubric

Questions to help determine where organizations belong in the campus brand architecture.

Products, Services, and Target Audiences

Our products and services are teaching, research, and public engagement. Our target audiences include current and prospective students and faculty, alumni, donors, parents, media, federal/state/corporate funding sources, and state legislators.


  • What is the product or service in question?
  • Is the product or service the same or different from the university's product or service?
  • Is the target audience the same or different from the university's target audience?
  • Is the target audience a subset of the university's target audiences, or a wholly different audience?
  • Will using the university’s logos confuse stakeholders or drive away the audience?
  • Is the program, campus unit or group located on the Urbana campus but involved with other universities, agencies, or interests that would not be adequately represented by the university’s logos?
  • Is there a reason that the university’s logo alone can’t represent the interests of off-campus partners with a program, campus unit, or group?
  • Would public perception clearly be enhanced if the organization’s identity were separated from the university?
  • Would other groups be mistaken for the campus organization in question?