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Consortia and External Partners

A campus unit that partners with several external organizations to create a larger organization is considered to be part of a consortium. The communication needs of consortia - as well as campus units that are equal partners with an external organization - generally are not best served by the use of the campus logos.

Consortia and external partners are responsible for the costs involved with maintaining, protecting, and building their individual brand and logos.

Communicating Effectively

The campus logos are not used if the logos would inadequately represent the interests of cooperating external groups, or violate laws, contracts, or regulations imposed by an external agency. Consortia and external partners are often located on campus and may be separately incorporated with their own board of directors and have external interests that would not be best represented by the campus logos.

Logo Guidelines

Both consortia and external partners should use their own logo. If the partners that joined together to create the organization are acknowledged with logos in print or digital communications materials, a campus logo (the Illinois logo is preferred) must appear with the same design weight as the partner(s), separated by a buffer zone.

Stationery (Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes)

Consortia and external partners must bear the expense of producing their own stationery and should use their own logo and design for their stationery, which includes letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. Consortia and external partners may order non-university stationary such as business cards online via the Document Services Web page. The campus logos and other elements of the campus identity should not appear on the cards.


External Partnerships

Brand Exemption and Permission Forms

Campus units that believe that the university and their unit would be best served by allowing their unit to bear the trademark and legal expense and other costs involved with maintaining, protecting, and building their own brand and logo should first visit the Brand Rubric page that helps them evaluate their products, services, and audiences.

After using the rubric, units that believe their products, services, and audiences are different from those of the university or that using a campus logo would violate laws, contracts, or regulations imposed by an external agency should download an exemption form, fill it out, and send it to Public Affairs, Swanlund Administration Building, 601 E. John, MC-304, Fax: 244-7124.

Organizations that have reason to believe they should not be considered a consortium or external partner should submit a brand permission form.