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Independent Brand Details

Campus Products, Services, and Target Audiences

The university's products and services are teaching, research, and public engagement. Its target audiences include current and prospective students and faculty, alumni, donors, parents, the general public, media, federal/state funding sources, and state legislators.

Independent brands have different products, services, and target audiences. It is important to note that this is not a full list of the independent brands on campus; it is simply information that explains how independent brands have different products, services, and audiences than the Illinois brand.

Allerton Park and Retreat Center

  • Products/services: public park, retreat/conference center, wedding venue, hotel
  • Target audiences: public sector (weddings, retreats, conferences, hotel rooms), corporate businesses (retreats, conferences, hotel rooms), and university staff (conferences, retreats).

State Farm Center, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

  • Target audience: Potential ticket buyers interested in live events that range from ballet to monster truck rallies.
  • Product: Entertainment/sports venue


  • Products and services: access to supercomputing cycles to an elite group of roughly 3,000 researchers, only about 20 percent of whom are from the university.
  • Target audience: current and future computational researchers and potential collaborators at institutions across the country.
  • Supported by funds from National Science Foundation, which has directed NCSA staff to communicate its status as a national asset/resource available to any U.S. researcher via peer review and avoid indicating it is a resource available only to the university or in the state of Illinois.

Willard Airport

  • Target audience: Potential airline ticket buyers
  • Product: Air transportation hub

Entities Governed by State Statute

Fire and Police Institutes, University Police, Prairie Research Institute

  • The Illinois Fire Service Institute and the Police Training Institutes are governed by State of Illinois statutes and are required by law to serve a different target audience than the university. Specifically, PTI course participants must be sworn Illinois law enforcement or correctional officers; FSI may only provide training to volunteer, trainee, and active-duty firefighters.
  • University of Illinois Police must comply with state statutes requiring them to identify themselves as sworn police officers with a standardized badge with a unique state ID number and to identify themselves as police officers on department uniforms and vehicles.
  • The Prairie Research Institute is required by state law to collaborate and advise departments with administrative powers and duties relating to Illinois natural resources and to collaborate with similar departments in other states and the federal government. It is also required by law to be the central data repository and research coordinator for the state in matters related to water and atmospheric resources, participate in federal geologic mapping programs, and to provide a technical information service for industries involved in the generation, treatment, and disposal of hazardous waste, as well as other state-mandated duties.
    • Products and services: provide natural resource research and data to the state, public and private sector decision makers, and the public
    • Target audience: natural resource decision makers from public and private sectors, state and federal resource agencies, and environmental groups.