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"I am increasingly convinced that the brand is what your people are. Your school's brand comes from inside; it does not come from outside. It needs to bubble up from who your people are because it's who you are."

— Don E. Schultz, integrated marketing expert and professor emeritus, Northwestern University

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The Illinois Story

This section contains a messaging system that allows communicators to consistently define the campus when communicating with key audiences. It includes text, images, and video resources that communicators can use to consistently tell the Illinois Story in print, electronic, and spoken communications.


Clear communication is especially important in today’s information-saturated world. This section of the identity standards provides words, images, and video resources for communicators to use to consistently share the university’s identity as they express the unique messages about their individual campus units.

When communicators deliver the same messages multiple times in multiple ways, our key audiences become familiar with the Illinois Story, strengthening our connections with them.

Among other things, telling the Illinois Story communicates our values, our strategic priorities, and the qualities that set us apart from our peers.

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