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Supporting Statements

Factual statements that support the positioning statement will appear here in three sections. Communicators are encouraged to identify facts about their individual units that support the brand attributes and contact Public Affairs to add them to these pages.

Accessible enter >>

Supporting statements that appear here reinforce the essence of our core values associated with accessibility. At Illinois, we're friendly, collaborative, keenly intelligent workers with limitless potential and access to the finest resources, including some of the best minds in the world.

The New Midwest enter >>

Supporting statements that appear here reinforce that the new Midwest is both a place and a sensibility, rooted in tradition, mindful of social responsibility, practical, smart, surprising and bold.

Lifelong Family enter >>

Supporting statements that appear here are real-life examples that show we are a loyal, lifelong family whose potential and expectations are high.

Add Your Unit's Supporting Statements

Communicators may add factual statements specific to their units that support these brand attributes by contacting Public Affairs at