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The following statements support the brand attributes associated with accessibility, including:

  • Approachable, friendly, attentive, convivial, genial, welcoming, propitious, helpful, companionable, gracious, helpful, kind, warm, sincere
  • Collaborative, synergetic, cooperative, unified, concerted, co-acting
    Smart, talented, bright, astute, effective, keen, resourceful, adept, intelligent, nimble, proficient, skilled, capable, accomplished
  • Unbounded, vast, unrestricted, limitless, infinite, unfettered

Supporting Statements

  • Illinois was the nation's first handicapped accessible campus.
  • Unit One Program (first living-learning community on campus): Unit One is an academic program located in Allen Hall and is co-sponsored by the Vice Chancellors for Academic and Student Affairs. The goal of Unit one is to provide an enriched academic program that also addresses the personal and programmatic needs of its freshman and sophomore students.
  • The Illinois Leadership Programs (i.e., I-Programs): Free programs to help students learn to become a leader by building relationships, working in teams, and utilizing leadership opportunities. The four I-programs (Insight, Intersect, Ignite, Imprint) hold workshops and conferences that students can attend to learn different specific skills focusing on networking, personal strengths and weaknesses, building communication skills, and systems thinking.
  • Medical Scholars Program (MD/PhD program): Committed to preparing a diverse group of physician-scholars to work on the multi-dimensional problems facing medicine today. The MSP program allows students to focus on their passion for cutting-edge research while providing clinical training.
  • The Afro-American Studies & Research Program: The teaching and research of AASRP focus primarily on the experiences of people of African descent in the US. The program integrates courses and research from the social sciences and humanities in the College of LAS. Five core faculty and 40 faculty affiliates from the various departments participate.
  • The College of Law LL.M. Program (nation's oldest): The LL. M Program is designed to introduce international law students to the U.S. legal system while also providing the opportunity for further study in their own area of academic or professional interest.
  • LEEP--The Graduate School of Library and Information Science extends their number-one-ranked program to students who are not able to relocate to campus. Through this online scheduling option, students without on-campus access are able to complete their Master's of Science or Certificate of Advanced Study degrees.

Add Your Unit's Supporting Statements

Communicators may add factual statements specific to their units that support these brand attributes by emailing